What 3 questions would you ask an Atheist ? The Atheist are coming to Mac’s World on Good Friday, and I need your help !

The American Atheists hold their annual convention Easter Weekend in Des Moines.
As is a tradition in Mac’s World, Friday’s Program is called
“The View From The Pew”.
Our conversation discusses “Faith and Values”…from a Secular view point.
“View from The Pew” has welcomes 100’s of Christians, Jews, Islamic’s, and most religion’s know to man.
As a Mac’s World tradition, when the Atheists come to town,
I have invited member of this organization to participate on View From The Pew.
This year they will join us as my special guests on April 22 10AM (CDT)
In 2011, it will be Good Friday,
Arguably, the 2nd holiest day in the Christian Faith.
But 2010 will be different.

In previous years,
I have been combative,
argumentative, and down right rude.
After all,,,These are the enemy, right ?

“The Evils Chosen Ones”.

They have “chosen” to live a life,
apart from God…
and Spend their life publicly denouncing His existence.
I am not worthy to take on such a powerful enemy.
This is WAY above my pay grade.
Oh, I’ll be surrounded by Preachers, Profits and Crusaders.
But this year I want to give YOU the opportunity to ask what ever question you have for “The Great Evil Ones.”
It’s really your voice I want to hear in Mac’s World.
The questions I ask of the Atheists will be YOUR questions!…
or better yet…join us in Mac’s World and ask them your self.

What would you like to ask an Atheist?

You may do so 4 ways.
1)…post them to my FB Thread
2)…e mail them to me. mac@mckoy.net
3)…join the live Chat the day of show
4)…Choose to be a part of the Live Studio Audience

Please choose how you would you like to interact with Mac’s World on this Historic Program.

This April 22 Good Friday will be a bright lite for All Who believe in a “God of your understanding”.
Come join the experience of a “Crucifixion by Words.”
…and Thanks For Watching…Mac’s World Live .com

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