Webcast One Live

Would you like to host your own show on Webcast One Live ?

You can do it !
Just ask your self… What am I passionate about ?
Faith and Values,
The Arts…
What is YOUR passion ?
WOL will teach you to communicate that passion through your own show on WOL.

You can choose to Host a weekly or monthly :50 minute program.
Here is an over View of what Webcast One Live offers to you,
our Hosts.

Major updates for www.WebcastOneLIVE.com.

1. Live Player with Livestream Chat

2. Livestream Video Library

3. Audio Podcast Site and Free distribution on I-Tunes

4. The latest Video Player with Playlist for all Recorded Shows

5. On Air promotion for Webcast One Live on Local & National Radio

6. All programs Now Streaming Live …with Chat, 24/7

7. New “Green Screen” technology in Main Studio.

8. Convenient studio location for your guests.

9. 2 producers to manage and direct your shows

Your Program would be available at 11 websites in Audio or Video format.

Android smartphones.
( These platform are subject to change )

Audio podcasting to WebcastOneLIVE.com,

How can I create Revenue from my show on WOL?

Our Staff will work closely to help you monetize your show by providing you with monthly audience
Analytic (audience numbers) for your personal show…
and The Network…Webcast One Live.
We are completely transparent for you and your clients.
The Analytic (numbers) are exact and counted “To The One.”

No “estimated averages” or “page views”  like other media outlets.
Our Analytic are precise and verified with 100% integrity.

Each host will have up to Eight :30 commercials per show.
Those commercials can be offered to clients,
not for profits…how ever you choose to use them.
Host’s have sold these commercials for  $20 per commercial.
8 commercials per hour X $20 a unit = $160 per show.
If you do a Weekly show, that equates to $640 a month.
Plus, you can read up to 8 LIVE commercial an hour.
That’s in addition to your 8 pre-recorded commercials.
Add in:
Studio Sponsorship,
Live endorsements,
Product placement and Special  Guests who will pay you for their appearance…
Your opportunity to create revenue on your WOL show is almost limitless.
A daily, 1 hour show could produce more than $6000 in monthly revenue.
Enjoy your passion of having your own Webcast Show…
AND make money for your time invested.  WOW !

Total investment:
Daily Shows: WOL charges  $1 per min. of Webcasting time.
That’s only  $ 150 per week for a daily :30 minute show.
Discounts offered for long term contracts.

Weekly shows are billed out at $3 per min.
Discounts also apply for long term contracts.
One time info commercials or talk show is billed at a $250 per hour / $600 max

WOL will provide a producer for a fee of $20 a show.
You keep 100% of all revenue you sell in your show,
and you’ll receive 20% of any additional sponsorship dollars you bring to WOL..
Webcast One Live also has sales Professional Marketing Guru’s that will sell your air time for a 50% commission.
WOL does all the billings.
You sit back and share your passion with the world!

You’ll have National exposure for WOL and your show.

Webcast One Live asks that you adhere to only 2 rules:

1)…No Swearing
2)…No Hate Speech

Want to Bring Your Passion to Webcast One Live ?…

Kris DeBolt
General Manager
Webcast One Live
J. Michael “Mac” McKoy
515 229 6292

Thanks for Considering Webcast One Live.com


Here is an added value you can offer to an annual sponsor of your Webcast Show:
A client is interviewed about his/her business.
Your Host will cover all the details and advantages of that business.
WOL will provide all questions you need for the interview.

Then, you “Give” that interview to the client.
They can post it on social networks, e mail it, play it in their business, use it as a sales tool, send it our for Christmas.

The value of that is upwards $1500 (PLUS $500 Talent Fee) from any professional production company in Des Moines.
You offer that to your client with a 12 month sch.
As a Host on Webcast One Live…I will give you 1 of these for no cost.
After that they are $600 plus talent fee.

If the client wishes, for $100 a month I can broadcast the interview on Webcast One Live. It would also be distributed on our Network.
Any more question, let me know.
Looking forward to  having you on Webcast One Live.