Want to Host Your Own Show on Webcast One Live?

2011 New Look … New Programs … Updated Website.

Your Program would be available at 11 websites in Audio or Video format.

Major updates for www.WebcastOneLIVE.com.

1. New Live Player with Livestream Chat

2. Livestream Video Library

3. Audio Podcast Site and Free distribution on I-Tunes

4. New Video Player with Playlist for all  Recorded Shows

5. Free iPad Give Away

6.  All programs Now Streaming Live …with Chat,  24/7

7.  New “Green Screen” technology in Main Studio.

8.  New Lighting and staging for Living Room studio

9.  2 Full time producers to manage and direct your shows

10. Full time Marketing Director for WOL

Streaming the programs LIVE at …

Livestream and Ustream.tv.
Streaming Audio and Video live on the iPad,
Android smartphones.

Audio podcasting to WebcastOneLIVE.com,
PodcastAlley.com and Bluberry.

Our Full Time Marketing Staff will work closely to help you monetize your show with weekly audience numbers for your show and WOL.

Total investment  $ 150 per month.

You keep 100% of all revenue you sell in your show,
and you’ll receive 20% of any sponsorship dollars you bring to WOL.

Thanks for Considering Webcast One Live.com

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