tragedy on Iowa Waters…what should we do? We need to BAN something, right ? That’s What we do.

My heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones over this Memorial Day Weekend…especially the families that lost kids.  There can be nothing worse than the “shock” of losing a child to an accident. My prayers go out to those families.

Now, as a society we love to find the “fault” or “sin” in such tragedies and find a way to “legislate”  so that it will never happen again, or the penalty be so stiff if you do “break the law again “…as  a society, we can say…”See, I can punished you for such negligence.”

When children continued to die from automobile accidents,
we legislated where they sat in the car…in which “kind of” seat they could sit on, everybody wears a seat belt if you want to have the privilege of operating a moving vehicle. If they continue to die in automobile accidents, we will eventually “ban” them for cars altogether.

When our children continued to chose to take there own lives because of “bullying” in the school system…we made bullying illegal and punishable by an adult equivalent to “murder.”

If a women chooses to end the life of her child, she’s allowed.  There even government subsidies in order to help you murder your child. If that same child dies in an automobile accident, the perpetrator of that accident can be charged with “murder of that child”.

1/2 of the deaths on Iowa waters this past weekend were children under 18 yrs. of age.

One child was killed after being run over by another boat.  The other,  a terrible accident when the running motor flipped back  into the boat, killing a child sitting in the wrong place on the boat.

What do we legislate in these instances ?
No children under 18 on the water…?

Let’s get our priorities straight in Iowa, and hold people responsible for their actions, and the other tragedies, chalk up to…”an unfair LIFE” ..or simply God’s Will.”

Again, my prayers go out to the families of the lost children. My prayer including the peace of understanding that tragedies happen. Even when someone can claim to know how to prevent them…with legislation.


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