The Most Important Conversation You Have ! by Rowena Crosbie

What is your attitude about yourself? What are you good at? What are you not so good at? Don’t think about what others think of you. What do you think of yourself?

How you talk to yourself, your self-talk, has a powerful impact on you. Self-talk is the internal conversation you have with yourself all day long, every day. The beliefs you hold about yourself are what control the real use of your potential. Over the years you’ve been telling yourself a lot with your self-talk. You’ve been telling yourself you’re shy or outgoing, a warm person or a cold person, a high performer or a low performer, a skilled presenter or a poor presenter.

Examples of negative self-talk include:

- “This will never go well”.
- “They never agree with anything I suggest”.
- “Giving these presentations makes me stressed”.

We build and change our attitude about ourselves through our self-talk. Many of our thoughts are constructive but many others are debilitating. It is often said that if a friend talked to you the way you sometimes talk to yourself then the friendship would be over in a hurry. The greater our self-image or self-esteem the easier it is to deal with new situations and new challenges.
Posted by Rowena Crosbie

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