The Battle over Life…Words to “Learn By”…written by Becky Wynn Heth

When we, as a culture, decide to look at abortion as a human rights issue and include all participants in the “act” in the discussion,

not just women, then and then only will the voiceless be heard.

As a feminist, I see value in everyone’s opinions, not just those of my sex.

To do otherwise makes me sexist.

As slavery was not just a black person’s issue, abortion is not just a women’s rights issue.

One day in the future, people will look back on the days of the wholesale extermination of humans with abhorrence and disbelief.

That a 21st century culture could make such strident progress in so many areas,

yet be unable to help its citizens manage their reproduction without resorting to surgery is abominable.

The act of abortion is utterly inhumane.

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