One of the best shows ever. The Housholder Brothers, David and Mike join us for a special “View From A Pew.”

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4/20 Whats your “Life Verse”? Your favorite bible verses…and whats the story behind it?

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2 Family’s in Ankeny challenge the statement: God does not give us more than we can handle. Brian Leech & Pastor Scott Rains joins us.

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Should Abortion be allowed in the case of Rape and Incest ?

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Can you lose your salvation? Pastor Mike Housholder join us in Mac’s World

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12/17 How will your family deal with the stress of Family Gatherings this Christmas ? Pastor Mike shares how families can not only survive , but heal during this Christmas Season.

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9/24 Can America Bring Peace to the world through Christianity? Pastor Mike Housholder and former Muslim Mike Ahmed start the conversation ?”

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