12/28 10 am (cdt) Mac’s World Live.com is 2 Years Old Today!…Thanks to you.

Thank you !
Mac’s World Live.com is 2 years Old today…
and I could not have done it with out you.
Those of you who share your passions in life on our FB threads…
You  feed the energy of each daily show.
When you download a show and listen to it,
and engage your self with me in
E-mails, text and Blogs….

Your input creates the conversations we carry on the air.
This new vehicle to share our passions is the “New Normal”,
and thanks to you.

This is my new home.

After 468 shows I need to thank My Father God, Doug Mitchell, my son Zac for making me get up and pursue my passion.

Thanks to Robb, Michael L. Liz, Jeff, Bruce ( yes Bruce) for believing in my vision of the future of commercial broadcasting.
Thanks to Tom and the many other sponsors who chose to support me with their time and treasures.

Thanks to My Dream Girl C.J.  for being there for me Everyday…
weather it was good,  or challenging times,  
C.J. never left my side.
I love you…and always will.


And a special thanks to all those who were used as an instrument of my greatest lesson in life…forgiveness. 
Duane, Terry and most of all,  Mac…me! ( Learn to forgive yourself  and set your self free)

“I see the future, and it is a Good and Prosperous one”.
…Ronald Reagan

In “The Old Days” I used to say…I just wish we had the opportunity to share our passion for Life, Love, Iowa Politics, Faith and Values and the Pursuit of Happiness…
 ”LIVE ON THE AIR”,  with the whole world.

Well, be careful what you wish for.

Webcast One Live is now on I Tunes, Live Stream, U Stream, U Tube, Justin TV, Blubrry and 37 other World Wide Platforms.
We have people who listen to us in 12 different countries, including Afghanistan,
where I Humbly hear from Iowa soldiers serving our country almost daily.
 They are the most appreciative for “News form Home”.
It touches my soul when I can touch someones life…just a little bit.
That’s My purpose in life, and you make it possible.
You listen, share, argue, and debate with me on your passions,
which become the topics of every Mac’s World…
So a special Thanks to you for listening.
 I Love my job,,,
and I couldn’t do it with out you.

So ON to show 469 …
What shall we talk about?…
macism # 2

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