” Internet Radio has arrived!” excerpts From Jerry Del Colliano

Here is an excerpt form a Media Journalist named Jerry Del Colliano. His voice is a un biased view of today radio industry. Here is his thoughts on the power of internet radio:
May 25, 2011

“The Internet has changed the audience.
As Van Dyke reminds us “Used to be, years
ago, that if there was fatigue setting in for listeners, they would mentally tune out
until something more interesting came up on these shows.
Today, the audience is being
affected by the Internet, etc., because they can get their commentary from so many other
sources. In fact we found that compared to 2006, today’s listeners in one of our studies
were significantly less likely to tune in to their favorite talk shows because they had
other options to go to (In 2006, 20% of talk radio listeners who had a favorite talk show
personality, felt the need to regularly check other sources for commentary).
Today that number is 46% and that number is up
from 38% 8 months ago!” ( end of article )


For Webcast One Live and the “Internet Radio Industry”,
this is a just little validation.
Signs that we have “earned” a voice,
through our listeners…
…a starting position in this game.

“Earned”…like a “red shirt” earns their first big break.
He practices his heart out…
and is then given a chance for his first “START”.

Those are the stories “Legends” are made of…

Thanks for Listening,
I Love My Job, and I could not do it with out you.

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