I owe you an explanation and an apology. This past week, I took some of MY WILL back to fight an important battle.

  • I owe you an explanation and an apology.Those that trust me to be fair in my Blogs…
    yelled “FOUL: Out of Bounds” after my Friday Afternoon post comparing The Genocide of the Holocaust to The Genocide that is Abortion.
    People I trust and am open to their council questioned weather I had gone too far and broken my pledge.
    I did…and I apologize and ask your forgiveness.
    According to one listener:
    “I used my jouralistic know how to write  “subliminal and manipulating verbiage” when comparing the two History events and the leaders who partook in the Genocide.”

    Please know that the guy that My Father God is most pleased with is the guy who doesn’t want to talk about  issues like Abortion.
    I am at much greater peace with the world when this guy has surrendered his “Will
    to God and speaks of Love and Tolerance.

Here is what happened:
This past week, I took some of MY WILL back to fight an important battle.

On Monday, I learned that Obama takes the position that a baby who survives an abortion should not receive any medical attention… and be allowed to die.
On the campain trail, Obama said…“That’s what the mother intended and I will Honor her “right to Choose.” when, in the past, he has been asked about these votes ( 3 times he voted this way) he says what all politicians say:…I didn’t mean it that way…or If the bill was written THIS way,
I could support it.  Feeble words for Nieve minds.  Don’t believe it.  it’s WORDS…and Actions speak louder than words.  He voted against it 3 times.  that’s the fact…OK moving forward….
So I began to research this and found many Blogs and FB posts from my Friends who
re- enforce and support this position of “No medical attention for batched abortions survivors.
I was so sad…and did not know how to verbalize this publicly…
given I had pledged to limit my conversation about Abortion issues.
But this one got the best of me.
“I am yet a weak sinner.”
After researching the topic all week and not discussing it  out side of my Prayers and accountability team, and had completed a sit down with one of my Pastors. I knew, on this issue, I had been called to a difficult task:
To  discuss  my frustrations with Obama’s “no medical attention for abortion survivors” issue was not only  necessary, but Holy Spirit inspired.
This  election campaign, that is filled with  lies, miss-Characterizations and Character Assassinations perpetrated by  BOTH SIDES, could be talked about by someone else.
The issue of Life and protecting a living baby…
as Belushi said it best…
“I’m on a mission from God.”

Please remember, in another life I was a political Talk show Host and I was fearless when it came to campaigns.
I called out every lie and character assignation by either side that rose it’s ugly head.
When God got a hold of my life, the desire to continue that type of program subsided and I wanted to talk more about Relationships and Service to God, Jesus and my fellow man.

However. This  Pastor, who has helped me find a sense of serenity in my life.
Which has in return,  allowed me to put aside most matters of the world.
He also encouraged me to use the Gifts and Ministry granted to me by God.

BUT… he  shared with me…
“ this was a different kind of battle. A battle for the LIFE of children.”

When we got together on Friday he showed me many times in the Bible.
through His word, and the deeds of men and women in the Bible,
when God gave them a fierce sense of truth about what was happening and gave me the words to fight the Nobel battles…but only if I could complete this task “Humbly  in HIS name.” (cont.by clicking on the title above.)

I apologize and ask your forgiveness…as I fear I was not so Humble at times.

Here is one of those verses.
This one is written by Solomon, the son of  David:

“If you faint in the day of adversity,
your strength is small.
Rescue those who are being taken away to death;
hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”
Proverbs 24 :10

Friends…If I declare,  I did not know this,
God, who keeps watch over my soul… DOES know it.
So I must speak out in boldness and Truth while in battle.

A friend of mine, Chris Buscher said it better than I ever could:

“We live in a time of intolerance towards the true Gospel;
If we refuse to embrace the sin in our society we are considered haters of humanity.
“Fundamental Christianity” is outcaste not only by this world, but most strongly spoken against by the “Church” herself.
The “Church” has spiritually united herself with this world and has forsaken her first love – thus revealed through her public and secret actions.
Many believers have been attacked so viciously by the enemy that the men and women of God are too weak or terrified to take a stand.

Just because your religion may be worthless, and your god is dead, does not mean mine is. What if my persuasions and example I lead are the very means of preventing your destruction? What if the reason I work so hard is to cease your excuses?

I tell you the truth:
“ in the presence of this roaring lion…
a new generation is about to come forth.
A generation birthed through a baptism of anguish and rises from the ashes of what we once knew to be true. This generation will refuse to borrow the faith of their fathers; they will reach out and touch Christ in a new and powerful way.”

Well said Chris.

So to those I offended, please don’t chose to be offended.
I meant you personally no harm.
If you are one who speaks out in support of Abortion,
know you will be opposed by me…
with all the “Love and Tolerance” this human can muster.

Mr. Obama…Shame on you. You DO NOT Honor Life…at any stage.
That’s is EVIL is it’s purest form.

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