Gay Marriage is something I can No Longer Support…

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Jan 4th 2011

I can no longer support Gay Marriages in Iowa.

I tried to support this movement for several years now feeling it was the civil rights of a gay couple to marry.

I was wrong…

My Father God has blessed me with some great Friendships with people who are in support of a Gay Marriage Law in Iowa. I love these people as I believe we are all God’s Children and should be loved with Tolerance and Grace, but I can no longer support the public display of their sin.

But, My Father God spoke to my heart last month with great clarity.

He drew on my unrelenting passion for ending the murder of unborn children in this country. I have stood firm to the belief that all abortions are wrong…

as ALL children are of Gods making.

I recognize there are exceptions given Life and death choices for the mother,

But beyond trusting the wisdom of our expert medical field,

Abortion is murder…and it is a choice…

Murder is a sin, but is a forgivable sin in Jesus eyes.

Acting out in sexually immoral ways, such as sodomy, is also a sin…

and is forgivable through Jesus.

For many years, I felt that gay marriage was acceptable because it was a civil right.

I can no longer support the public acceptance of that sin.

Homosexuality is a sin…a forgivable sin, but a sin no matter.

I believe that ALL of Gods words are true.

If having an abortion is a sin, because murder is a sin,

then gay marriage is a sin just as sodomy is a sin.

Plain and simple.

I love my Gay friends…but I hate the sin they want me to promote publicly.

I guess it comes down to this:

Many times, people have said to me…

“Well, I would never have an abortion, but I would not want to tell another what to do with their body.”

” SO you support abortion?…I would say.

” Not for me…but for another”..they would say.

SO what do you stand for then?…

I used to say…

“I’m not gay, but it’s not my place to tell another what they can do with their body.”

It’s not my place, but it’s also not my place to publicly support that sin.

A sin is a sin is a sin.

That’s what My Father God teaches me.

He also teaches me to Love the sinner, Hate the sin.

So, that is what I will do from now on.

Peter publicly denied Jesus 3 times…I can not.

Bless all of us sinners, especially ones like me who are like me…

“notorious sinners”… we require Extra Grace.

Thanks for YOUR grace.


2 Responses to “Gay Marriage is something I can No Longer Support…”
  1. Gay Anon says:

    Hi Mac,

    Thank you so much for your courageous posting. Like you, I have several gay friends and acquaintances, but unlike you, I keep quiet on my beliefs for fear of the backlash from them and like-minded supporters of gay marriage. Posts like yours take courage. Maybe you can start a Gay Anon support group (only half serious) for those who love their gay friends, but know their act is a sin and thus can’t support any cause that would try and create a civil right based on a behavior.

    God Bless You,

    Gay Anon Charter Member

  2. Mac says:

    I actually think that’s not a bad idea to have such a support group.

    Let’s have the first official meeting.

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    The platform that I have been given in this life by God has many advantages,

    but since it is a “God Thang”…I must honor him first.

    My heart began to question weather I was really serving him to my fullest when I would publicly support Gay Marriage in Iowa. Each time I would talk about it, something inside me would stir in a very uncomfortable way. I would defend the rights of a gay couple to have their union acknowledged publicly as “legitimate”…

    What I failed to understand until late last year,

    was that I was mocking my Father God.

    Mocking him with that public support of marriage by two people he never intended to see married in his eyes.

    Just as one who wishes to serve and honor God, and then supports a “women’s right to choose”.

    I am thank full for his continued Love and Grace for me when I exercise my free will…but am not following HIS will for my life.

    SO here I am…ALL IN with My Father God.

    My outside is under attack, but my inside finally at Peace.

    Thanks for your support.
    macism # 20

    Thanks Friend.


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