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Attention: All New Blogs Will Be found at Thanks for listening…

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Sometimes as Christians…we get attacked for “speaking The Truth through The Word Of God.Well said Mark McCord !

Some people are born alcoholics or drug addicts. They face choices too. The Bible defines sin. No man defines it. Christians are not judging when they lovingly admonish. To call this “hate” is self-serving to the unbeliever. This lack of truth in defending a Biblically indefensible position, only further proves the point of the apologetic Christian attempting to explain God’s word to those who haven’t yet accepted it. Eternity... [Read More...]

I owe you an explanation and an apology. This past week, I took some of MY WILL back to fight an important battle.

I owe you an explanation and an apology.Those that trust me to be fair in my Blogs… yelled “FOUL: Out of Bounds” after my Friday Afternoon post comparing The Genocide of the Holocaust to The Genocide that is Abortion. People I trust and am open to their council questioned weather I had gone too far and broken my pledge. I did…and I apologize and ask your forgiveness. According to one listener: “I used my jouralistic know how to... [Read More...]

Feeling Attacked? Things said about you that aren’t true? Wanna strike back? Read this from Tom VanderWell first.  Read More →

Best Explanation ever of God’s View on Abortion. Copy and paste link below.  Read More →

Ron Kallem Kristopher – you don’t understand the Levitical prescriptions: they were given as a societal warning….the nations had been given 400 years to turn from the sin and perversion and refused, so God in His holiness had to bring justice. He warned Israel not to do the same thing. The lesson for us: sin brings judgment and God wants to save us from that = the reason for Christ’s death. The fact that God’s grace works... [Read More...]

God has changed my heart and my “public role” on Gay Marriage and Abortion.

For years, as a Talk Show Host, there are two political/society/culture topics  that I have been VERY passionate when I speak of them: Gay Marriage… Abortion… I found myself using language that was inflamotory and hurtfull… and I liked it that way. Stir up the mass with language that people choose to be “offended” over… Nothing better that a good debate with a “Baby Killer” or a “Sexual Deviant”… And... [Read More...]

What does the bible say about Gay Marriage?  Read More →

Ultimate Authority – Part 3: Government and Institutions MATT CHANDLER, October 10, 2010  Read More →

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