The Belief Clock

The  Belief Clock:

Improve your relationships,

Recognize your passions,

and Transform your life !


Mac McKoy is a syndicated TV and radio talk show host based in Des Moines, Iowa. Mac is a successful 30 year broadcaster who used his broadcast platform to energize, enlighten and entertain. He reaches out every day through a variety of media to change people’s lives. Now Mac does the same thing through public speaking.  Mac’s unique vision of the world is shared through his”Macisms” -(simple sayings to help people get through the challenges of daily life called ” Nuggets of Wisdom.”)  The Belief Clock will get you started on  transforming  your world.

Along with pursuing his passions for transforming peoples lives, throughout his life, Mac has created a number of entrepreneurial enterprises including radio, TV, Real Estate and Hospitality. As the owner of  restaurants, Mac loved it when people said they loved the cheese burgers. However, he loved it even more when folks shared what they didn’t like about them. ( macism # 16 ) Mac was the number one local talk show host on ABC when  up against Rush Limbaugh.  He had the highest ranked country morning radio show in the country in the 1990s.

Success, however, has had its peaks and valleys. Mac’s company, McKoy Investments,  has owned over 23 different businesses primarily in hospitality, real estate and broadcasting ,  yet has failed more times than succeeded. One of those times, Mac had businesses worth millions, only to lose it all through poor decision making on his part…Then… Mac discovered The Belief Clock and how it could impact his personal as well and professional life.

One Mac applied what he was learned about the Belief Clock, his business’s became more profitable and his relationships full-filling.

Mac continued to pursue his passion for people…In 2008, Mac started  Iowa’s first Internet web cast Television Station. Webcast One Live has over 20 Hosts that broadcast their passions world wide. Webcast One Live currently has viewers and blogger in over a dozen countries. His personal show, Mac’s World Live, can be heard from 10 a.m. to noon CDT .

Tune in daily, and read his blog at

Mac and his wife C.J. have  four children, five grand kids and two of the best dogs in the whole wide world,
… Sinatra and Picasso.

About the Belief Clock

You will learn to Change your Life..

“1% a day…
…with 1 Nugget of Wisdom at a time “.

In The Project Belief Clock, you will learn to ” Make decisions with ice water in your veins, and THEN carry them out with emotions.” (macism #5 )

The Belief Clock teaches us,  to start our decision making  process with our beliefs, not our feelings.  The Belief Clock teaches us that if we start with what you WANT to happen, not what you feel should happen, your success rate on relationships will amaze you !

  • You will begin to operate from a place that allows you to build on a foundation of your core beliefs.
  • You will learn how to communicate with other people because you’re not communicating based on emotion, you are communicating based on beliefs.
  • You will learn how to start from a position of facts and circumstances, not feelings and consequences.
  • You will learn to take responsibility for your actions as a learning experience rather than a judgmental approach to taking responsibility.
  • You will learn that actions speak louder than words.
  • You will learn the Belief Clock system and how it will change the way you look at YOUR world.

Your projects, passions and relationships will be great sources of inspiration to you,
rather than disappointment and resentments.
You will invest less money and time, and see greater rewards for your efforts!
Here are just a few of the Macisms Mac’s Shares with you.

Macism # 32 – Never assume malice when incompetence will suffice.
Macism # 19 – Many Marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood

they were on the “same side”.
Macism #16- Every Set Back, is a Set Up, for a Come Back.

When you understand the mechanics of the Belief Clock, it will change how you look at life and challenge every single decision you make…Why do you want to do this ?…


Macsim #2 – You must hate to lose MORE than you hate the daily discipline it takes to win.

We look forward to meeting you one day

and helping you to transform YOUR life.

Please check out all Macism’s @


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