A Glimpse of Maturity: Christian are you immature but maturing, are you mature or are you stuck in immaturity?

A Glimpse of Maturity:  Christian are you immature but maturing, are you mature or are you stuck in immaturity?

Habakkuk 3:17-19 “Though the fig tree should not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields
yield no food, the flock be cut off from the fold and there be no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD; I will take joy in the God of my salvation. GOD, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet like the deer’s; he makes me tread on my high places.”

Habakkuk paints a bleak picture that not only is it difficult today, but looking at the situation, it doesn’t look like anytime soon things are going to get better. Got to love how honest the Bible is! Early on Habakkuk wants justice to be on done in Judah, so he complains to God that he wants justice done. God answers his prayers says He will execute justice in Judah, and then Habakkuk’s complaint is now against God exercising that judgment and discipline on Judah. Habakkuk wants to use and utilize God for other goals. The mature Christian doesn’t use God like he’s Aladdin holding a lamp. God is the foundation of the Christian’s deepest joy. God is the pursuit of our joy and that’s a mark of Christian Maturity.  We don’t use God as some other means, to some other end.

A lot of Christians will say Christian Maturity is an easy thing, but if you look closer it’s really not and it can be unbelievably confusing. Couple examples:
#1 People say kowing the Word is a what it means to be mature in Christ. Now that is absolutely true and absolutely not true. If you understand what the Bible is (Scriptures are pointing to somone), it’s true. If you think the Scriptures terminate on themselves and the whole point is to know the Bible or that the Bible is about you or is some kind of road map to your life you fall in SOLO SCRIPTURA and pretty much practicing what the Bible is not and are not understanding it. If you are SOLA SCRIPTURA in that you understand the Scriptures point you to Jesus and further your relationship with Jesus Christ, now you’ve you got a shot at maturity. Jesus speaks on this in John 5:39-40. So how we understand the Bible can be a sign of maturity and it can also be a sign we are not mature.

#2 Christians like to pretend Christian maturity is behavioral modification/life transformation. Now this is true and it’s also not true. We will say stuff like I used to get drunk every day, now I only have a couple beers. Or I used to cocaine and herion, but now I only spoke weed. We like to set the bar low and then when we get a couple knocks above it we think we are tearing it up. Reality is, Lance Farrell can give a person life transformation if a person has a the willpower, muslims and buddist can offer life transformation, but it doesn’t mean that they are free. We can change our behaviors have nothing to do with Jesus. The point in Galatians 2:21 is that rightness with God can’t be purchased by obedience to the law,doing good works or living a good life, because if it could then Jesus wouldn’t have to die. He did die, which lets us know that we can get righteousness through behavioral modification. It has to be imputed to you in Christ. I would argue that in our Christian faith Christ is after Heart Transformation and then that leads to Life Transformation.

A lot of times People will say “I’ll take Jesus if Jesus will help me with my marriage, my finances, my kids, or to rectify this situation” and then when that doesn’t happen, all the sudden Jesus has betrayed them because He didn’t give them what he never promised to give them in the first place. So the end goal wasn’t God, but rather what God could bring. That is not sinful is that’s salvation, but it is sinful in every other category. Jesus is the only joy in the universe that cannot be taken from you, everything else can. And because He is not our greatest joy we don’t view loss and suffering correctly. Paul looked at it this way: “Jesus is my greatest treasure (joy), anything whether good or hard that gets me close to my treasure gets rejoiced in.” If something gets you more of Jesus, that’s a very good thing.

So the 1st mark of maturity is that our joy is set fully in Christ and He is our treasure. The 2nd mark of maturity is “I can’t do it, God can do it.” The reason a lot of people lack in maturity is that they have to much confidence in themselves.

Habakkuk goes from “Do this for me…do this for me” to a man who says “Do what You will and I will rejoice and love You regardless.” He goes from  “Surely You would not do this. . .surely You would not do this. . .surely you would not do this” to “If You do this in your omnipotence and omniscience, then You will also be the strength I need to walk through this season and into high ground. And the
mature and redeemed will think this way and be headed in this direction. We might not be there today, but we should be heading in that direction.

Also, Hebrews 5:13-6:3 deals with maturity in the form of milk (infant) and meat. The writer of Hebrews tells the people I can’t teach you new things because you don’t understand the basics (the infant stuff) which is repentance, faith, baptism, laying of hands, resurrection of the dead, eternal judgment. Because the people don’t know that stuff, he can’t teach them the meat, which is distinguishing good from evil.

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